About JiawuMall

JiawuMall.com--Brief introduction
JiawuMall.com, which belongs to Shanghai Jiawu Automation Technology Co., Ltd., &  JIAYU INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD,focuses on the construction of one-stop B2B2C platform for cross-border e-commerce in the industrial control industry. In addition, it is committed to providing users with convenient and fast procurement, installation, commissioning, maintenance, integration and other services. JiawuMall.com management involves many brands, including 16 categories : low-voltage power distribution, control components, variable frequency servo motors, PLC, man-machine interface, industrial computers, robots, sensors, instrumentation, fluid control, mechanical equipment / bearings, industrial power supplies, hardware tools, electrical installation, industrial Ethernet, electronic components and so on.
Founded in February 2015, JiawuMall.com distributes industrial control products, wholesale sales of electronic and electrical products and technical services. In addition, it provides users with comprehensive products and solutions services, a full range of supply chain services, as well as globalization and localization services. Besides, it is committed to becoming a long-term product application consultant and supply chain partner for industrial control, industrial automation and industrial electrical users.
As an electrical product supplier and service provider with comprehensive value-added service capabilities, JiawuMall.com has a marketing network covering major industrial cities across the country. It mainly serves customers of electrical automation products in major regions of the country. In addition, it maintains a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with the world's famous industrial control automation product manufacturers. From the bottom testing and executive components to PLC, DCS, intelligent instruments as the basic control layer, to factory automation industrial network products and medium and low voltage power distribution, Jiawu Mall provides customers with cost-effective software and hardware products and services. Jiawu Mall can provide users with a comprehensive one-stop service whether it is procurement, spare parts management and services.
Try our best to make the customer's work easy and efficient with our dedicated service. As a comprehensive supplier of industrial control automatic industrial electrical products, JiawuMall.com adheres to the modern customer-centered market concept, relies on rich product resources, industry e-commerce platform and centralized professional service team, and realizes accurate and timely delivery service, localized service and fast and timely response through specialized order procurement, specialized inventory and distribution management and professional technical support. After all, it is committed to maximizing customer value, effectively shortening your spare parts supply cycle, effectively reducing inventory, effectively improving your operational efficiency and more effectively enhancing the overall competitiveness of the enterprise.
JiawuMall.com creates the future with the values of win-win cooperation, embracing change and integrity; expanding the market with industrial automation and intelligent robot industry as the vanguard; developing a team with cooperation and enterprising spirit, pursuing excellence and focusing on professionalism; and continuously creating risk-controllable excess returns to create a bright future with optimized products, prudent investment and active management.
Shanghai Jiawu Automation Technology Co., Ltd.--Brief introduction
Shanghai Jiawu Automation Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2015 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. It is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai and is a company with self-import and export rights endorsed by the State Administration of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the General Administration of Customs. In addition, it is also a high-tech Internet company specializing in cross-border vertical e-commerce of industrial products. It aims to help enterprises, industries, regions and countries around the world to carry out the interconnection and efficient coordination of goods, services and information through a global and intelligent Internet platform in order to optimize the global industrial structure and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Besides, it is committed to using professional experience to promote the evolution of industrial equipment to professional cross-border vertical fields, leading the future development direction of cross-border e-commerce, and helping China's manufacturing products upgrade and enter the global market!
Import industrial products business: we are a high-quality supplier of imported industrial products from Europe and the United States with partners in Germany and the United States. In fact, all goods are guaranteed to be directly purchased at source, guaranteed at low prices and delivered quickly. So far, we have cooperated with more than 3000 foreign suppliers and served more than 5000 domestic customers in various fields, including energy and chemical industry, food and medical industry, automobile, steel and other industrial fields. Many years of experience in purchasing imported industrial products has made our professionalism well received by our customers. Over the years, we have selected high-quality authentic channels for our customers abroad, and we can negotiate high-quality supply conditions with foreign suppliers, insisting on earning only reasonable and low profits. The way of pooling logistics makes small orders less than one kilogram almost do not have to bear high import costs, greatly reducing your procurement costs. It is also the core reason for our rapid development.
Export industrial products business: Innovation lies in completely subverting the previous intermediate links of traditional foreign trade exports. We help China's industrial equipment manufacturers get rid of their dependence on intermediary agents or dealers, and sell their products directly to global end users. As a consequence, Chinese industrial equipment enterprises can get higher profits than general trade, and end consumers around the world can also buy the same or even better products at lower prices, achieving a win-win situation for Chinese manufacturers and global consumers. The company has high-quality product quality, broad market prospects, humanized company management, strong price advantage, high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service. The pursuit of excellence, the courage to innovate is our unswerving concept, long-term cooperation and create resplendence is our goal! Everything is customer first, integrity-based, continuing to provide users with satisfactory new products is our unremitting pursuit; continuing to provide customers with thoughtful service is our unchanging purpose.
The company always adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, efficiency, win-win, innovation and development". In addition, it builds a perfect business platform and takes the pneumatic and hydraulic product line as a breakthrough. Besides, it owns the customer base that has been accumulated for many years, and relies on strong competitive brand support. Moreover, excellent product quality, good industry reputation and thoughtful pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service is also its characteristic. It intends to provide warm, thoughtful, meticulous and professional service for the rapid development of Chinese excellent enterprises. As a consequence, It is a trusted partner for customers in many industries in China.
Our products are widely used in petroleum, military industry, textile, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, mining, chemical building materials, electric power, energy, metallurgy, chemical, automobile manufacturing, machine tools, packaging machinery, construction and other industries, enjoying a good reputation inside and outside the industry. In line with the business philosophy of seeking truth from facts, small profits and quick turnover, high quality and low price, the company has won the trust and appreciation of many customers.
The main products include solenoid valves, cylinders, hydraulic machinery and components, pneumatic joints, gate valves, flow control valves, servo, deviation correction, hydraulic pumping stations, sensors, amplifiers, instruments and so on. Our company has established extremely close cooperative relations with many well-known suppliers of electronic and hydraulic components through unremitting efforts. In addition, it has a great advantage in price and cycle. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with your company. Your request and inquiry will be answered in time, your purchasing efficiency will be improved, and your purchasing cost will be further reduced. In a word, I believe that the cooperation with you will achieve a perfect win-win result by giving full play to our resource advantages.